Chess Archive (hereinafter - the program) is a multifunctional Windows desktop application intended for creating a personal database of chess compositions (meaning only composer's own works including those in coauthorship) in electronic format.

Here is a screenshot of the main program window

Main features

- creating and editing of chess compositions including versions (only orthodox pieces are supported, no fairy pieces)
- searching for the chess compositions according to different criteria (genre, author, publication source, number of units, stipulation, solution, keywords)
- customizable list of publication sources and list of keywords
- group viewing of chess compositions belonging to the specific genre (10 diagrams on the screen)
- displaying of some files relevant to the database (to view publication and anticipation)
- generation of four notation types: Forsyth-Edwards notation (FEN), international (FIDE), english and russian algebraic notations
- converting of selected data to the following electronic formats: fancy (for the program "Fancy" by Marek Kwiatkowski), olive (for the program "Olive" by Dmitri Turevski), yacpdb (for the online chess problem database www.yacpdb.org)
- the support for alternative text (for instance, info in different language)
- printing of current chess composition
- export/import of the database

Compatibility and system requirements

The program is compatible with the following operating systems:
Windows 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 Server / 7

Minimum system requirements:
- PC-compatible computer
- 512 Mb RAM size
- monitor (display) with screen resolution from 1024x768 pixels
- input devices, such as PC keyboard and PC mouse

General program information

Program archive name: chess_archive.zip
Program setup-file name: ca_setup.exe
Program name: Chess Archive
Program version: 1.5
Release date: 13 May 2012
Distribution: freeware (without charge)
Software language: visual basic
Interface language: english and russian
Idea and design: Vitaly Medintsev
Programming: Svyatoslav Kravchenko

To download the program, please visit "DOWNLOAD" page

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