What number of chess compositions is it possible to create within one genre?
Answer: the minimum is one CC; the maximum number is practically (visually) limited to the four-digit number i.e 9999.

How many versions of one composition can I create?
Answer: the minimum is one version; the maximum number is practically (visually) limited to the two-digit number i.e 99.

I cannot open the help-file (Info -> help). What should I do?
Answer: first, make sure that this file ("en_help.chm") is located in the program directory. If the help-file is missing, you can download it here (zip-archive, 110 KB).
The help files with ".chm" extension are opened with system utility "hh.exe" which is usually located in "WINDOWS" folder on disk "C". Perhaps, this utility is absent on your PC or it is outdated. You can download the file "hhupd.exe" (716 KB) from and run it on your PC. That file will update the utility "hh.exe", and then the problem with opening chm-files should be eliminated.

How do I remove CC from the database?
Answer: the removing of CC (including the versions) from the database is not supported in Chess Archive. The action that is equivalent to removing of unneeded CC is its data editing with complete change of the data (the number of edited CC will remain the same).

What file may be placed into the folders "Anticipated" and "Published"?
Answer: any file with extension that is associated with default application, in other words, the file that is normally-opened on your PC.

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