15.05.2012 Chess Archive 1.5 is available for downloading. Some bugs were fixed, help-files (in english and russian) were added, search function was improved, "CA Converter" utility was added, some changes to "Position +" modal window

11.02.2012 Chess Archive 1.4 was started. Some changes to Create/Edit function

23.12.2011 Chess Archive 1.3 was started. Some structured changes to main menu of the program

9.10.2011 Chess Archive 1.2 was started. Some interface changes have been made: all the program windows are movable now, "Search result" window has been changed a little

1.10.2011 Chess Archive 1.1 was started. Small changes in the program interface have been made, some misprints and mistakes were retrieved

7.09.2011 the first version of the program (Chess Archive 1.0) was started. The Program was distributed (via e-mail) to several advanced PC-users for testing