Before you contact us, please do the following:

1. Be sure that you are doing everything right. We all make mistakes sometimes...
2. Read attentively the information contained in the chapter "Compatibility and system requirements" on the "USER GUIDE" page or read "ReadMe_en" file that is located in the program directory. The file can be opened from the main program window (Info -> about) by clicking on logotype of the program.
3. Make sure that your system configuration corresponds to the minimum system requirements as well as to the compatibility requirements.
4. Visit the "F A Q" page: it may already contain an answer to your question.
5. Do the actions which are described in the "Troubleshooting" chapter on the "USER GUIDE" page.

But if you still have a problem with Chess Archive and nothing else helps, please contact technical support at e-mail:

    Please, inform us about the following:

- The program version (Info -> about)
- Windows version (including service packs)
- CPU type and speed, RAM size and screen resolution
- Description of a problem (as much information as possible to retrieve the problem)
- Please, report an error code (the operating system always displays a message-box with name and code of the error in case of emergency closing of the program). Copy the contents of the box and send it to tech. support.